21st Century Skills

I just read a nice post that summarizes the idea of 21st Century Skills nicely.  I think many people automatically think computers when the term is brought up.  This article did a nice job reminding me that there is so much more to the skills than just tech.
21st century skills have been defined in many ways and include the following:
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • collaboration
  • leadership
  • agility and adaptability
  • initiative and entrepreneurialism
  • effective oral and written communication
  • accessing and analyzing information
  • curiosity and imagination
How much of this is embedded in what you already do in the classroom? Where would you do more? Also:
Costa and Kallick have defined 16 habits of mind necessary for success.  These are:
  • persistence and perseverance
  • managing impulsivity and thinking before acting
  • listening with understanding and empathy – being able to perceive another’s point of view
  • thinking flexibly and being able to change perspectives
  • metacognition – being aware of your own thoughts and actions and how they affect others
  • striving for accuracy and precision
  • questioning and problem posing
  • applying past knowledge to novel situations – using what you have learnt
  • thinking and communicating with clarity and precision
  • gathering data through all the senses
  • creating, imagining and innovating
  • responding with wonderment and awe
  • taking responsible risks – living on the edge of your competence
  • humor – being able to laugh at yourself 
  • thinking independently and being able to learn from others and work together
  • learning from experience 
Much of that reminds me of the Common Core expectations. It’s worth 5 minutes to read the full post here.

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