The King's Speech

First of all: what a great, well-made movie.  Likable characters, well-edited, well-written.

Looking to school leadership, I really identify with Geoffrey Rush's character Lionel Logue.

Mr. Logue's job was help the Duke of York, aka Bertie, who goes on to become King George VI with his speech impediment. He stuttered ("stammered" in the movie). Logue was a nobody from the colonies. He certainly shouldn't be calling royals by there first names. For much of their early relationship, Lionel and Bertie work privately. Not even Lionel's wife knows he is helping the future king. And if you know anything about Hollywood, you know that Lionel is successful in helping Bertie work through his stutter and, of course, give a rousing speech on the eve of WWII.

Anyway, I identify because I really enjoy being that guy.  He works in the background. He recognizes and builds on other people's strengths. He makes them look good.  Most importantly, he does not expect or seek credit.

That's who I want to be as a school leader. I want to make my faculty look good, my Supe look good, my school community look good.